Onlive Server gives the finest Turkey VPS Hosting plans

Onlive Server gives you the finest KVM hypervisor technology based on VPS server hosting plans at a very write Reasonable price. With our VPS hosting plan clients can reinstall OS, reboot, suspend or unsuspended, change root Password yourself, and easily specifically VPS via VNC recommend. Websites and software applications are hosted on a Virtual private server (partials, helpful solutions, and wikis).

Features of VPS Hosting server-

• VPS servers powered by KVM- VPS server powered by KVM we offer VPS hosting this is both powerful and simple to use using KVM.

• Free SSD of VPS server- Storage and VPS server provided solid-state hard drives.

• Setup in a flash- VPS server is up and running in seconds.

• With VPS hosting, You Get a free migration- Our Account managers help you with Cpanel transfer on request to ensure that you have no problem switching to our VPS server.

• Perfect to Reseller- Reseller VPS hosting plans make, set up, maintenance, and watch a breeze.

• Turkey VPS Hosting –

• A Turkey VPS hosting is one of the most popular hostings among people with a growing business and low pocket budget.

• VPS uses virtualization technology to provide you with private resources with multiple users on the same server. This type of bridged web hosting the gap between dedicated hosting and shared hosting by providing stable and secure solution reliability, and improved controls and performance at a low price.

Important benefits using of Turkey VPS hosting

Shared hosting other customers, Activities can hinder your website’s growth. As suppose someone websites on your server see a sudden jump in traffic, in this case, your websites can face performance issues such as a slow loading time. which can drive away from customers and negatively impact your conversation. One more problem that you could face is security issues. If anyone’s site gets hacked, they could put all remaining sites at risk of surviving on the same server.

Improved websites performance-

The Turkey VPS Hosting gives sure that your website performs at its slowed down by other websites. But this is not the only reason for you to opt for VPS server hosting in Turkey. VPS hosting comes with a lot more allotment resource such –

• More bandwidth
• Better technology
• High scalability
• High storages

As a result’s visitors on your websites experience fast loading time and are less likely to bounce back. With VPS hosting in Turkey plan you can easily run a promotion, live chat, and special event to drive visitors on your way.

The web hosts manage the servers and choose applications and operating systems. According to them. The host doesn’t even let you know how the server is set up on a shared hosting plan.

VPS Hosting gives two choices-

Linux VPS Plan
Windows VPS plan
If you choose to buy a Linux VPS plan you need not worry about malware and viruses. There you can freely work on your website and business.

What is the VPS Hosting services? –

VPS is a virtual framework that dwells inside a parent server.
A server Is great a computer that stores all information, images, documents that has your site
When someone searches their domain name into an internet browser that computer shows your site on their screen from the virtual angle. VPS utilizes virtualization innovation to split that one amazing server we just discussed above many virtual servers.

What is plan Turkey VPS?-

Virtual hosting is a method of sharing servers among users. The physical server is divided into partitions, so each customer has its own resources to control. In terms of pricing, it’s very similar to renting an apartment: usually, customers pay on average $10-12 per month for 1 GB of RAM and between 10 GB and 100 GB disk space.

Security & Reliability-

Turkey VPS offers top-of-the-line security and reliability. We also have secure backups to prevent loss of your data and do regular monitoring to ensure there are no network issues.

Customer Support-

We offer 24/7 support on our services. If you have any problems, complaints, or queries at any time of day or night, we are here to help. We can only assist with issues directly related to Turkey VPS products and services. Issues that may be solved by Onlive Server staff will not be considered as part of Turkey VPS support.

Is VPS Hosting safe and secure?

VPS servers and dedicated servers are more secure servers. VPS server highly secured and deadly viruses and another online website, other website traffic, the VPS server is in your control, no can one harm data your business. Your all data is going to backup very frequently. You can excess from anywhere.


Each web hosting company offers a variety of features and perks, but cPanel web Hosting is one of our favorites. It’s highly customizable and easy to use. Plus, it offers more tools than most other web hosts. If you can afford to spend a little more money on your web hosting package, then we definitely recommend that you purchase it.