What makes Nubliss the best seller of mattresses and pillows in India?

Popularly known as a SleepTech company Nubliss is nothing less than an innovation that brings together science with sleep and that too excellently!

The organization aims at developing scientifically designed products that promise a sound sleep and powerful wake-ups. Every product of the company is an innovation in itself and helps the body to recover from the daily stresses of life. When all of this is achieved in a product, the result is better performance at every level of life.

There are several facts that set Nubliss apart from other brands offering the same range of products. For instance, the memory foam mattress offered by the company is nothing less than innovation. The company is the first one to come up with a mattress design that recovers regenerates and relaxes the tired muscles. The company also aims to make online shopping of mattress more convenient.

What makes Nubliss the best choice?

There are multiple reasons that make Nubliss the best seller of mattresses and pillows in India.

1. Designed by European sleep experts

There is a reason that Nubliss is regarded as the best online destination to buy mattresses and pillows in India. Every product that the company offers is designed by European sleep experts. All the products are a class apart in quality and provide natural spine alignment that result in the best possible back support.

2. Scientific detailing

Whether it is the mattresses or the pillows, there is a lot of scientific detailing that goes into the production at Nubliss. The experts, who design the products, first study the sleep patterns and their relation with the comfort and development of the body. For instance, the memory foam mattress topper allows body-weight displacement and proper airflow due to its strategic design. On the other hand, the memory foam pillow is designed to retain the natural shape of the neck and reduce stress from the upper part of the body.

3. Guarantee and Warranty

Ever heard of a 10 years warranty? Yes, that’s the warranty you get on the products offered at Nubliss. And that’s not all, the customers also get a 101 days trial period wherein they can easily return the product if they are not satisfied with it in any way. What’s more, the process of return is made easy for the customers in every sense.

4. No Cost EMI

You can buy all your Nubliss products at no cost EMI. As per this offer, the customer will just have to pay the price of the product that is equally divided over a period of pre-decided time. There are no extra costs added to the installments.

5. Vacuum packed mattress

Nubliss uses the best in class vacuum packing technology for its memory foam mattress India. The mattresses are compressed, rolled and packed in the most hygienic conditions. It is a great choice in multiple ways. It immensely reduces the size of the product, makes transport easier, is an eco-friendly option and the product remains hygienic. The customer does not have to bother about handling the product since it retains its shape as soon as it is unpacked.

So, if you wish to buy Nubliss best mattress online, Nubliss is known for its unparalleled transparency, convenience, and quality that is class apart.