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If you are looking for a Virtual Private Server to start your online business or want to upgrade the existing server, we are here to help you with our high-performance Singapore VPS Server. We have a wide range of VPS Hosting plans that fit your needs and budget. You can choose any of the best Singapore VPS Server plans that meet your needs and requirements.

We have a range of VPS hosting plans that suit different requirements and budgets. Using our high-performance Singapore VPS Server, many businesses are achieving tremendous results. From small businesses to big ones, we have something for everyone. All our clients have always been happy with our services and we make sure that they keep being happy with us in the future as well.

Our VPS hosting plans suit your business needs and goals perfectly. If you want to give your business a competitive edge, then choosing us is going to be one of the best decisions for you. We ensure that all your traffic runs smoothly with no issues. If you want further information about our services, then we would like to inform you you can contact us anytime and we will be happy to help you out!

What are the advantages of the Singapore VPS Server?

Onlive Server provides the best Singapore VPS Server at a very competitive price. VPS Hosting has its own resources, such as RAM, CPU, Disk Space, and capacity. By using this type of hosting, you can increase business productivity by choosing a dedicated server for your website. We offer Singapore VPS Server with the latest technology. We have many years of experience in the server hosting field. With us, you will get high-performance web hosting services at an affordable cost. Our data center is always available 24/7 hours to help our clients.

With a high-performance Singapore VPS Server plan from Onlive Server, you will get 100% dedicated resources and full root access. Our managed VPS server in Singapore is the best option for web hosting services, email hosting, and any other type of website that requires reliability and speed. This means no spikes or issues in performance.

Customer Support & Customization Options

We provide unmanaged VPS hosting to give you full control and flexibility over your server environment without the responsibility of managing it. Our virtual private servers are a perfect platform for your online business, web hosting, and application requirements. Onlive Server offers a wide range of SSD Cloud Servers, SSD VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers in Singapore to ensure that you get the best performance for your websites. We have a wide range of customizable options for your CPU, RAM, storage, and capacity needs. Our team of experts is available round the clock to provide you with 24/7 support services.

Our top-notch customer support team is available around the clock to assist you with questions you may have with our plans. We thoroughly test all of our software before it gets released. You are getting the best possible product when you sign up for our service. The best part? We don’t require a long-term contract, so you can cancel if you aren’t satisfied with our service.

Are you looking for a VPS server for your business?

Onlive Server is providing the cheap and best Singapore VPS Hosting plans at an affordable price. The company offers a wide range of features with its hosting plans. We are one of the best and fastest-growing companies in the world. Our company is famous because of its best services, excellent customer support, competitive pricing and many more. With our hosting plan, you can easily host your website and applications with no hassle.

We offer 24/7 technical support to our customers so that they can resolve any query related to their hosting plans easily. We always provide high-performance services to our clients so that they can get 99.99% uptime on their servers. There are no hidden charges or extra fees included in our hosting plan. You will get what we promise you!


Onlive Server is one of the top-most web hosting companies in Singapore. We provide the best web hosting services that are reliable, secure, and affordable. With our VPS Server, you will get full control over the server. You can easily upgrade your storage space and capacity anytime, as per your needs. Our primary motive is to make sure that our clients have a safe and secure website to work on.