Buy The Cheap And The Perfect Cloud VPS Plan From Onlive Server-

Onlive Server offers Cloud VPS with unlimited bandwidth and instant provisioning.

Onlive Server is the most trusted cloud VPS hosting service in the industry, with thousands of happy customers and satisfied clients worldwide. They’re known for their security, flexibility, and superb customer service, as well as their advanced network infrastructure with guaranteed resources and instant provisioning. All this and more has earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Onlive Server offers SSD servers to ensure the fastest performance possible and comes with unlimited bandwidth as well as free domain registration, SSL certificates, backup services, multiple IPs, and more at no extra cost! Onlive Server cloud servers are engineered to be incredibly cost-effective and scalable. You can scale your resources up or down depending on your requirements and they’re all provisioned within seconds! Onlive server will accept all kinds of payment methods and offer free SSL certificates which makes it very easy to use PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, and other forms of online payments to create an account in just minutes! With instant provisioning and guaranteed resources, your Cloud VPS will be up and running in no time at all so you won’t have to wait around to get started with your cloud VPS service.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Onlive offers premium cloud vps servers on flexible pricing packages. You get unlimited bandwidth as standard across all of our cloud servers, so you can rest assured that your online presence will always be available to your customers at all times, no matter how many visitors your site receives. Instant Provisioning: Our instant provisioning service means that you can have your server up and running in a matter of seconds; there’s no need to wait around or schedule any time-consuming maintenance tasks if you want to upgrade or change your server at any point during its lifetime.


Onlive Server uses a different level of security. impression to make a secure connection for their customers. They also provide an SSL certificate from Comodo to secure your website traffic 100%. Onlive server uses several firewalls to secure their network. They also provide free dedicated IP addresses. OnLive servers are powered by Intel Xeon processors that provide high performance for their customers 24×7 round-the-clock support the help you solve any query at the minimum time possible. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything a webmaster needs in order to start up a new site or manage his own websites quickly.

 Linux VPS Hosting – Cheap and Reliable

Looking for cheap cloud vps hosting? Onlive Server offers the best Linux VPS Hosting in the world at unbeatable prices. No hidden charges, no setup fee, no yearly costs…it’s completely free of cost. All our servers have SSD storage that means your files will be available on their fastest hardware possible making it faster than any shared web hosting solution out there! Managed by an expert team of Linux admins in-house 24x7x365 to serve you better! Our support is top-notch – we work hard to make sure your issues are solved quickly so you can get back to what matters most – running your business or website!


Onlive Server provides all services, like Windows VPS, Linux VPS, etc. It’s a reliable solution for businesses that seek to move their workloads off-premise in a scalable way. Businesses can run stateful applications through private virtual machines, or deploy instances as virtual appliances – all from Onlive’s secure cloud platform. The benefits of hosting your servers on-demand are convenience, flexibility, scalability, and affordability; there are no upfront costs or long-term commitments to pay for server rentals before usage actually occurs! Besides saving you money, you can also choose between our Standard Virtual Machine Plans or Premium Virtual Machine Plans at will – so you get exactly what you want at any time!

Data backup

With a free account, you can upload up to 50GB of data, but keep in mind that our responsibility for restoring your data will end after 14 days since you first uploaded it. However, if you upgrade to a Business or Enterprise server package, then we offer continuous backup service every day (24 hours a day/365 days a year). If your server crashed, then please send us an email immediately so that we can recover your files back within 24 hours. During business hours (9 am-6 pm EST), we usually get your message within 2 minutes, and response time would be within 15 minutes during off-business hours (6 pm-9 am EST). The maximum recovery time is 24 hours from Sunday morning to Saturday morning every week.


Rent a complete physical server for your business, but only use a part of it? With cloud VPS hosting from Onlive Server, you can get as little or as much server power as you need, when you need it! This way, your business has access to all of our servers while only paying for what you actually use! It’s perfect for businesses that experience rapid growth or other unexpected peaks in demand.


Once you are one of our clients, you get to leverage our experience in dealing with Cloud Hosting platforms, we also have a dedicated support team who is always ready to help you out in case you face any issues on your server. We take every step possible to ensure that your data remains protected and secure at all times. Since we handle everything from hardware setup, management, monitoring to backup processes so that it reduces your burden considerably when compared to maintaining traditional hosting service by yourself. Our Standard Plan includes 100GB SSD storage space along with unmetered bandwidth which means absolutely no cap on download or upload speed and no cap on email accounts which comes along with unlimited add-on domains for free under any of our hosting plans.


Our cloud vps system comes up with abundant features that allow you to access your data anywhere at any time. You get high-speed internet, guaranteed resources, free IPs, SSD servers & many more which helps in providing a reliable computing experience to every customer. These multi-systems also provide you multiple resources such as a free SSL certificate, free dedicated IP, and free domain. Along with these features, the Onlive server provides a 5 Money back guarantee for each customer if he/she doesn’t satisfy our service or product then he/she can claim a refund within 30 days. With these systems, we are taking a big step towards attaining leadership status in the cloud hosting industry where customers always consider us as their leader when they look for the best cloud hosting services providers worldwide.