Tips to keep your bedroom and bed sleep-friendly in winters

With winters already set in, how about making your bedroom winter ready. The good news is it is quite simple too. Just add a few extra layers to your bed and you are ready to crash in the bed!

Here’s a list of few simple things you can do to make your bed cosier and your bedroom more inviting than ever.

Tips to keep your bedroom and bed sleep-friendly in winters

  1. Layer the bed appropriately

Most of the people believe that adding a warm layer to the top of the bed is just enough. But that could not be more wrong! It is advisable to keep your bed well layered not just for maximum comfort but also for prolonged life of bedding products. So to layer it well, start from bottom to up

    a. Start with a comfortable mattress

The kind of mattress you choose to add to your bed will have a long lasting impact on the quality of sleep you get year after year. In case you buy mattress online, choose memory foam mattress with cooling gel, the newest innovative product in the sleep industry.

     b.Add a mattress topper

A mattress topper adds a lot of extra years to your mattress’ life. It reduces the wear and tear of mattress and prevents it from staining. So it’s a great investment not just for winters but for summers as well.

     c.Add a mattress protector

Go ahead and a mattress topper. While a mattress topper is meant to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed, during winters it serves as a wonderful insulator that keeps your bed warmer. Choose one in cotton and that has hypoallergenic properties.

     d.Choose warm sheets

Once you are done with the mattress part, you need to figure out the top most layer of the bed, the one that will stay closest to your skin. Before you go ahead and buy bed sheet, take a moment to think if you are allergic to any fabric or there is any fabric might be your personal favourite.

Choose warm sheets such as flannelette during winters that are soft against the skin and warm to use. Another good option in bed sheets is the one that has 1000 thread count. Their heavy drape makes them perfect for layering during winters.

     e.Add a blanket or a quilt

Even when adding a blanket or a quilt, create layers instead of choosing a single heavy blanket, comforter, or quilt. Adding different layers maximizes the effect of insulation.

  1. Throw in some warm throws with pillows

Apart from adding a memory foam pillow for a comfortable posture, you can add in some colorful throws on the bed. This will make your bedroom vibrant and inviting and your bed a notch warmer.

  1. Add curtains in heavy fabric

Once you are done with the main component of your bedroom—the bed, it’s time to take care of the second most important—the windows! Add curtains in heavy fabrics, use patterns preferably. This will cut out the unnecessary noise and light and keep the room warmer for winters.

What else?

You can further make your bedroom winter-ready by adding a plush rug right beside your bed and adding a lot of deep rich colours—whether in form of wall paints or decor items. It will not only improve the look of the room, making it look luxury, but will also make the bedroom warmer.