The Best mattress, pillow and bedsheet Disinfecting Tips

If you constantly spend your time anxious and worried whether you have cleaned your house enough and disinfected it well, you are not alone in it! Post the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the biggest concerns of every individual is to stay safe.

And besides the social distancing and the regular hand washing norm, the only way to do so is by keeping your surroundings clean and disinfected. Talking about the household items, pillows, mattresses and bed sheets top the list when it comes to the need to disinfect.

Here are some of the simplest DIYs that one can try at home for effective disinfecting solutions.

Disinfecting the mattresses

If you do not want to spend a major part of your time disinfecting your mattresses, you can do it the readymade or the shortcut way! Buy a disinfectant spray and spray it sparingly on the surface of the mattress after you have vacuumed it once. Leave the spray liquid on the mattress for a couple of hours and leave it in the sun to air. For a final touch, vacuum the mattress once again.

When talking about disinfecting the mattress, it is absolutely impossible to ignore the function of baking soda which is a great disinfectant and de-odour or. Vacuum the mattress and sprinkle some baking soda on the top of the mattress. The powder will not just disinfect the mattress but will also take away all the unpleasant odours and moisture from it. Let the powder stand for a few hours and vacuum in the end for a final finish. 

Also, begin with buying your mattress from a good full size mattress supplier to keep away with the quality and hygiene issues.

Disinfecting the Pillows

You will notice that the pillows tend to get dirty and smell unpleasant much more easily and quickly when compared to the mattresses. The reason is obvious! They collect all the dead skin from the face, grease of oil in the hair, dandruff and sweat too. This makes them not just look dirty but also the potential breeding ground for most of the bacteria.

Here’s what you can do…

Make sure that you wash or disinfect the pillows at least once in three months. Wash them in the washing machine. Load your machine to the highest level of water available. Add a cap full of liquid detergent, a spoon full of baking soda (for whiteness and disinfecting) and a few drops of fragrant oil (for lasting fragrance) and put in two pillows at a time. Now choose the option to ‘wash’ and complete a cycle. Avoid rinsing or drying the pillows in the machine.

Once the pillows are washed thoroughly, take them out of the machine and leave them in the sun to dry naturally. There are two benefits of doing this. The heat from the sun works as a natural disinfectant for the pillows and also takes away any kind of unpleasant odour (if left) from them.

Disinfecting the Bedsheet

As you may wash it frequently, cleansing with a disinfectant washing powder will be enough.

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The Final Word

WHO says that COVID-19 is here to stay and that we need to learn to live with it now! So let’s start with keeping it safe and disinfecting things around us on a regular basis. Also, you may replace your bedroom components even now, for example you may purchase full size mattress online. Keep your pillow, bedsheet and mattress health-friendly for the wellness of your family using our tips.