5 Secret Tips Shared By Luxury Designers, Interior Design Style

From styling distinct spaces to designing luxury lifestyles, the best interior designers know it all. They have quality craftsmanship and aesthetic design sense that can help to create unique pieces of art. According to the best designers, interior designing is an art and cannot be compared. They feel that no two spaces can look the same. Here are the top five secrets to luxury interior design that can help you bring your dream home come alive.

  1. Add gold to your furniture

You can add hints of gold to your interior space and pair it with a design that is detailed and intricate. You can take this gold element as far as you want, depending upon your taste and preference. You can also add drama and contrast to the space by infusing different textures, shapes, patterns, and finishes.  Gold accents add a sense of luxury to the space.

  1. Choose the right chandelier

Nothing can make the room more attractive than a beautiful and unique chandelier. These chandeliers are perfect for dining rooms, sitting rooms, and classically styled foyers. A chandelier not only adds light but also grandeur to the space. The best luxury designers’ interior sense says that a chandelier is actually a status symbol. It helps in adding drama and elusive wow-factor to the room.

  1. The right accessories

If you wish to give your home a luxurious boost, it is time to pick up the right accessories. You need to invest in beautiful home décor statement pieces that attract attention. Always remember to put some distance between them so that each accessory can gain attention. A luxury interior designer picks every piece precisely so that nobody can copy your taste.

  1. Feature wall

Any living room of a luxurious home is incomplete without a feature wall. A feature wall is your sitting room’s saviour. You can go for a wall-to-wall bookshelf, a full-height drink cabinet, or a floor-to-ceiling dresser. You can even hire an interior designer just to get the feature wall done.

  1. Center Table

Another highlighting feature of a luxurious home is a middle table. When it comes to decorating a living room, you cannot do without having a great table. It is one of the most important pieces of your living room. You go choose from a wooden table to coffee tables with glass covers, you will never be out of options when it comes to choosing the right table for your living room.

To Sum It Up

The best designers in interior designing field believe that true styling is way beyond all the show and sheen. They understand that the true magic lines in creating something unique and trendy. Luxury interior design focuses more on keeping things functional and elegant. Luxury interior designers try to redefine a new statement of luxury by creating something that is beyond elegance. They believe that the shades of gold can easily make the space look rich and luxurious. In case budget is not an issue for you, you can hire the best luxury interior designer in your area.