Why most of the successful leaders prefer wearing simple clothes

Well, the answer is simple! According to most of them, thinking about what to wear should be the least of the decisions that they have to make during the day when there are various other significant decisions for them to make. Making decisions about what to eat and what to wear can be tiring and take a significant amount of our brainpower as well as our energy. Therefore it has been observed that various influential and inspiring leaders of the 21st century have adopted simple or monotonous wardrobe when it comes to their day to day dressing.

There can be several reasons for their monotonous tone, which can be understood as below:

  • Time-saving

The biggest and foremost reason for most of these leaders and inspiring figures is the saving of their time, which is spent more on productive and valuable things rather spend on less important and materialistic things. They never claim that they are opposing fashion or making degradable statements. They just emphasize on what is more important to them in terms of their wearing choices. According to them, the time which they need to spend on achieving bigger goals and accomplishments should not be wasted on lesser important things in their life.

  • Simplicity is the new statement

Be it the simple grey T-shirt of Mark Zuckerberg or black polo shirt of Steve Jobs; they have set a style statement with their signature clothing style. Whether they have attended seminars or have given Ted X speeches, we have mostly seen them in this attire which has become their primary statements. We cannot ignore the fact that their simple clothing has not affected their high billionaire status nor have become any hurdle in their successful leadership. Therefore through their successful examples, we can take a lesson for living for the real purpose and stressing less for show off and materialistic things.

  • Living a stress-free life

Having a simple and monotonous wardrobe provides you with relief from worrying every day about what to wear and how to look better. These leaders who have a significant influence over the world believe in serving the communities and the world as a whole rather than stressing on materialistic and marginal things. Choosing simple living makes their life stress and free from irrelevant worries which they prefer most for their life as a successful leader and an example for the aspiring younger generation.

  • Avoiding decision fatigue

Whether it is to decide what to eat every day and what to wear, these things take a significant amount of worry for our daily households. These decisions make us tired as we want variety, and we often get fed up of a monotonous routine. But these leaders who always have a purpose in life and believe in achieving their huge goals think way higher than normal individuals, which is the reason they have become such an inspirational figure. According to them wearing expensive clothes and filling your wardrobe with thousands of choices is not their ultimate goal. Their ultimate goal is to serve the world by creating endless opportunities and vast options for aspiring youth; therefore, they need to make their decisions regarding their goals and not on less important issues.

  • Having a purpose in life

The biggest leaders of all time have a purpose in life which demands a significant amount of time and efforts. Choosing a simple wardrobe makes them free of wasting their time over the things which are less important and less worthy, and they can have ample time for devoting to their purpose of life. They have become leaders and an example for the younger generation because they had a significant purpose in their life and they have shown the world that through unmatched dedication and devotion, one can achieve success and accomplishment regardless of their age and personal status.

  • Final words,

Therefore it can be concluded that the successful leaders usually set an example for the people; therefore, their simple acts of daily routine also become their signature statements. Leaders like Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have set examples for the new generation to act noble and dress simple. We cannot achieve our major goals in life if we stay captivated by lesser important issues such as what to wear and what to eat. We should also understand that as responsible citizens, we should dedicate our efforts and energies to better purpose in life. Dressing simply does not make you inferior to anyone; rather, it reflects your thinking towards more important issues and concerns of your overall existence.

About the Author,

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