What Is 5G Network? : All About 5G Network

New technologies are getting invented every day. It’s very important to make yourself aware of them. So, Here in this post, I’m going to tell you about What Is 5G Network? : All About 5G Network. Here you will get A to Z information regarding 5G Network. At last, we will also compare all the types of networks. So let’s begin.

What Is 5G Network? : All About 5G Network – In India 4G Network is already launched and in the future, the next-generation network that is 5G Network will be launched in India in 2 or 4 years. 5G stands for Fifth Generation. So, we can say that 5G Network is the next generation wireless mobile network. The current high speed of 4G Network is 1 Gigabit per second and it is pre prediction is that download speed of 5G network maybe 10 to 20% faster than 4G Network which allows users to send big files in seconds. Now we will see how this 5G Network actually works.

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How 5G Cellular Network Works?

5G Networks are little advanced than 4G networks. 5G also uses the same OFDM type of encoding which is also used by the 4G Network. It will be designed to use less latency than 4G. The main focus of 5G Network is to give high-speed internet connection with high capacity per sector. It has 100x more capacity than our 4th generation network. 5G has many great features but it has also some harmful effects directly on our environment. 5G has a lower latency & better spectrum than 4G. It will give 100+ Megabits-per-second average data rates and 20 Gigabits-per-second peak data rates, which is very high in comparison with 4G Network. South Korea is the first country to adopt 5G in the world. Now let us see the difference between 5G and other network types.

How 5G Cellular Network Works

Difference Between 5G Network Technology and Other Generations

Here is the transparent difference between all the types of generations:-

  • 1G Network is the oldest model of the network. It only supports Voice Service. The maximum speed of this network was 2.4kbps which is very high speed for that time.
  • 2G Network is the next generation network type that came after 1G Network. It comes with voice service, SMS service, and Internet WAP browsing service. Its highest data speed was about 64kbps.
  • 3G Network forwarded this network generation. This bought a better mobile network experience. The highest speed of this network type is 2mbps. This network type is also used in today’s era frequently.
  • Next-generation internet service is 4G  Network(4th Generation).  This network type bought a fast internet experience. It comes with unified networks and protocols. By this network type data transmission speed increased to 1Gbps.
  • Now the future network generation is 5G Network. It is predicted that its speed must be 10 to 20% faster than 4G.

Final Words

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