What Improvements in Eco Packaging make them Protective against Coronavirus

The rising demand for eco friendly boxes is not a mystery anymore. They are preferred for a variety of items such as food, cosmetics, medicines, garments, gift items, and a number of other items across the globe. They are used in all the business sectors because they provide protection to the products that are packed in them, and at the same time, they are protective of the natural environment. It is because of the fact that they are manufactured with 100 percent organic and recyclable materials. They are made with cardboard, kraft, corrugated cardboard, and paper stock. These boxes can be printed in various designs, patterns, images, text, and any other thing that you deem necessary for your brand. This way, you can not only make these boxes more presentable and alluring but also make it easier for your potential customers to identify their favorite product.

Amongst the many advantages of sustainable packaging, we can modify them in a manner that would allow us to benefit from them to fight the global pandemic Covid-19. Packaging can effectively transmit the virus to far-off places. Therefore, it is not just an aesthetic for the packaging but a necessity to fight off the present-day medical emergency. The following measures can be taken to avoid the spread of a life-threatening disease through the green packaging boxes.

Training the Packaging Staff:

Nothing can compare to the power of knowledge. Train your handling staff to prevent the boxes from coming in contact directly with the open environment and sanitizing themselves before they touch and carry the packaging boxes. This can solve half the problem. If the custom eco friendly boxes never come in contact with the virus, they would never be the reason to propagate it too far off places. We can introduce special handling personal protection equipment that can be worn while loading the packaging on and off the transportation vehicle. Not just about transportation, but the staff that handles the manufacturing and the assembly line must also be well-equipped and trained to tackle the complications effectively. The manufacturers of biodegradable boxes USA are already training their workers to secure the manufacturing process during the pandemic times.

Hands-free Packaging Transit:

The best idea to inhibit the growth of Coronavirus on the surface of packaging would be limiting human interaction as much as possible. It would take some money to automate the loading of the packed products inside the transportation vehicle, but it is totally worth it and can contribute tremendously to saving lives. They can be disinfected before packing and loading by some anti-microbial spray. It would destroy every microorganism on its surface, and this would ensure that no disease-causing hazardous virus leaves the manufacturing facility to the further points in the supply chain. A similar approach can be adopted by the transportation companies to disinfect their vehicles before they load the packed products. It is not possible at the retail stores to automate the off-loading, but they still can take necessary precautions to safely handle the green packaging boxes to prevent any kind of contamination.

Modifying Paper Material:

Although the regular Kraft paper used for the manufacturing custom printed eco friendly packaging boxes is completely impenetrable by all the micro-level organisms. But this keeps the products inside the packaging safe, not the surface of the packaging boxes. Therefore, it is very important that some protective measures be taken to kill the virus as soon as it comes in contact with the surface of the box. To do this, the recyclable boxes must be coated or sprayed with some adhesive anti-microbial chemicals like sodium hypochlorite solution. Paper inherently absorbs low viscosity liquids, therefore, it can effectively absorb the anti-viral chemical solution. Although it would be temporary and may lose its efficacy in a few days, which would be enough time to safely transport all the products to the store aisles. Therefore, this method can be effectively utilized by most of the product businesses out there. Most reusable packaging providers can make that happen with a little investment in their manufacturing plants.

Custom Packaging Techniques:

The great and versatile cardboard material is good for sustainable development because nobody really has to worry about the disposal methods. But that does not mean that it is the only sustainable material to manufacture packaging. Science has blessed us with the materials that have the appearance of the plastics but are completely compostable. Certain plastic-type materials have been developed that are becoming increasingly popular since they are not only biodegradable but also provide the usefulness of the regular non-compostable plastics. They cannot be penetrated by anything that is microscopic in nature under normal circumstances. The best fact about them is that they can be wiped with some sanitizing liquid from outside. The packaging industry can manufacture great and safe packaging boxes and wrappings out of them. They can effectively keep everything out that can count as contamination; thus, keeping our products safeUpon reaching the destination, they can be cleaned before opening thereby, minimizing the chances for the products to be attacked by the microbes.  

Final Words

These were some of the ways we can introduce improvements in our eco friendly packaging to fight a battle against the calamity we call Coronavirus. These methods are relatively adaptable and easier, and almost any sustainable packaging wholesale dealer can provide it through a small addition to their manufacturing facility. It is quite legitimate to think that packaging holds a great potential to spread the virus to various far off places, and therefore, it must be modified as necessary.

Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross
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