USA Dedicated Server

USA Dedicated Server Strategies For Beginners by Onlive Server


If you are planning to host your project in the USA location. Then you should opt for our USA Dedicated Server Hosting. This will help you in boosting the performance of your project by a huge margin. By choosing our cheapest dedicated server hosting plans. You can avail the complete use of the whole server without any need to share it with others.

How to get started with a Dedicated Server?

We deal with a variety of dedicated servers which can be configured according to your requirements. Our services are one of the best, particularly in USA Dedicated Server Hosting plans. It helps to make your company’s presence globally. As we give you the option to choose the location of the server from anyone among the multiple locations. We possess in the US. Our Dedicated Server is known for its reliability, performance, and high-end technologies.

About USA Dedicated Server

If you individual or manage a site that has a high volume of traffic. You have perhaps encountered some problems such as slow loading of the site or website off the midair. This scenario, which would already be terrible by itself. Can be aggravated when your company is launching a new campaign or promotion. Because just when you most necessity your site to “hang in there”, it can authority you in the hand. Dedicated servers are a good option. If you have fluctuated traffic levels. And your site needs a lot of processing power and storage space to serve content.

How is the Dedicated Server dissimilar from other types of hosting? Is it better?

Dedicated Servers have no limits and deliver great flexibility. They also cost as many times more than shared web hosting or VPS hosting plans. Dedicated server plans have been designed and optimized for a specific website. Offering the highest levels of performance, reliability, and security. The infrastructure is dedicated exclusively to your website. So even if you start getting thousands of visitors at once, you’ll be able to keep up. And if you’re launching a new campaign and receive an enormous flow of traffic in a very short time. Our systems can handle it comfortably without affecting your users.

How does the Dedicated Server Work?

If you are looking for the most reliable dedicated server for your business, an onlive server is your best choice. We have some USA dedicated servers to offer with special discount now. Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared hosting plans. But they can suit your requirements and give you the highest level of security and control over your site. Dedicated servers allow you to customize your server’s software and hardware so that it meets your exact needs.

Why do I need a dedicated server? what are the profits of the dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a hosting option that grants customers a great deal of control and freedom. If you choose one of the dedicated servers from the onlive server. You will gain access to many of the software packages. You require for running websites and applications, including operating systems, databases, domain name registries, and email services. Dedicated Servers Hosting is perfect for Companies looking to attain their business goals through an online presence.

What is your network uptime? How will the backups be maintained?

The Dedicated server provides the best possible performance. Ensuring maximum uptime to the highest level of reliability. The Server comes with a 100% dedicated IP address. Giving you full control over your Traffic – offering an edge over your competitors. Opposed to Shared servers, it ensures that all Server resources are available solely to your website. This results in quick page loads & optimal performance. With Every Dedicated Server. You get a 100% Data Back-Up Guarantee and a 30 Days System Maintenance Guarantee backed by our 24×7 Support Team.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

With a dedicated server from Onlive, the leaders in cloud hosting. You can host as many websites as you want and take advantage of their unlimited dedicated resources. Host unlimited websites, blogs, and email accounts with our most powerful server for small businesses. With the ability to upgrade to a dedicated IP at any time and free 24/7 technical support. You’ll enjoy our industry-leading reliability.

What intensity of access do I get with my Dedicated Server?

Onlive’s USA Dedicated Servers include full root access for OS customization. Specialized SSH access for direct command-line access to your server. And if physical security is an important matter to you .You will be glad to know that Onlive Server is housed in USA Enterprise-class data centers. Located throughout the country.

What Operating systems are available on Dedicated servers?

Choose a USA dedicated server plan that fits your business’ needs. With the option to deploy any version of Windows or Linux operating system.You’ve made your decision. Pick from any of our hosting plans for the control panel that best meets your needs. All Dedicated Servers come with one-click installs for popular applications like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Plus, you can add additional application installs using Softaculous, our auto-installer tool. Available for Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers. It uses a simple, clean & uncluttered interface. Is fully responsive with mobile devices to allow you to manage your dedicated server anytime regardless of the location.

Why Dedicated Server is a Reasonable Option for Your Company?

Selecting a dedicated hosting provider, you get all the resources from a solitary server. And that’s all together for your projects, no one other. You will get a technical support service that can virtualize your IT environment in a matter of minutes. Just the way you want. Don’t waste your time using a shared hosting provider. You buy a dedicated server onlive server. Your business will benefit from our flexible management and virtualization tools that can add or remove resources as needed.

Onlive Server offers you the best WordPress hosting that gives you features of flexibility. With full control usually available at affordable prices for large or small businesses.

World-Class Features Bundled with every Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated Servers are a great business solution. You can be up and running in minutes. Sell your own (first-class) services to customers and control the physical hardware 100%. Glued to your client.
  • World-Class Dedicated Server Installed with a wide range of technologies and robust data centers. Our cloud hosting solutions deliver better online business results. We provide you with 99.9% up time.
  • Your own cPanel web management control panel for easy server customization. And 99.99% network uptime support: all these omegas guarantee an optimal performance for your business.
  • Own a high-end dedicated server with the onlive server. Enjoy our outstanding server system, world-class support, and fully customizable plans that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.
  • Your Dedicated Server comes with all the essential features. Advanced Web Server Management Install, configure and manage your own unique web server. No contracts, no limits on bandwidth, ftp or email storage.
  • Our dedicated servers include a host of perks designed to help keep your server up and running smoothly. Including 24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring, Advanced DDoS Protection, and Remote Reboot.
  • Your business relies on reliable, always-on web hosting. You are running a small site or a large corporation. We offer the security and performance you need for mission critical applications.