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The Strategic Influence and Power of Custom Rigid Packaging Design

The power of brand packaging is significant in in-store marketing. This is because of the fact that it interacts explicitly with the consumer at the point of purchase. Here, the consumers pay attention to custom rigid packaging design. Their choices are also found to be greatly influenced by the aesthetic value created by design. However, the real challenge is to stand out among the variety of brand packages and numerous choices of brands. Some brand packaging boxes appear to serve mainly on the functional end. However, others create the impression of a ‘truly’ designed product packaging.

However, all the rigid boxes are created, with variations in the design’s efforts and the strategic decision that drives the design process. The Packaging Republic believes that your brand can only survive the brand race when you find ways to influence your consumers’ brand choices.

Types of Product Cues and their Impact

When it comes to wholesale rigid boxes, there are two types of product cues, i.e., intrinsic product cues and extrinsic product cues. The intrinsic product cues consist of greater credibility and connote more risk-reducing information. The extrinsic product cues are more important than intrinsic product cues. These are influential in purchasing decisions and are used by the consumers who are in a hurry or short of time to evaluate and compare products as the intrinsic product cues that take more time to assimilate. These cues are also helpful in situations where consumers perceive intrinsic product cues as complicated or unavailable at the point of purchase or due to a lack of knowledge of the product type.

The extrinsic cues are also referred to as design elements. These are found to be influential. The products are evaluated based on the impression that the visual extrinsic product cues such as packaging color, pattern, and design convey. Visual cues like color and other design elements are claimed to require less mental effort to process, resulting in an emotional response. 

Importance of Custom Rigid Boxes as Extrinsic Product Cue

Custom rigid packaging is commonly viewed as an extrinsic product cue. Custom rigid boxes are a cue that does not have any impact on your product performance. This fact puts packaging on a par with other extrinsic product cues like brand name, price, manufacturer, and country of origin. These cues are known and are used as ‘information’ cues. These cues have an impact on consumers’ assessment of product quality and brand choices. Many rigid box manufacturers USA believe that the potential of custom rigid boxes is not fully realized. They tend to receive less input. The packaging design of the wholesale rigid boxes is influenced by various external factors such as environmental, logistical, retail requirements, technological and material developments.

The Bottom Line:

According to some rigid box manufacturers USA, packaging must not be viewed as an external cue of the product. They believe that it is an integral part of the brand and is an in-store media that conveys your brand identity and message at the point of purchase. Therefore, it is important to understand the effect and functions of the various verbal (brand name, manufacturer, country of origin, and price) and extrinsic visual product cues (size, shape, material, graphics, picture, letter font, and color) that contribute to the holistic brand packaging experience.

Packaging is the primary thing that can convert your lead into sales. Search carefully before making a choice about your product packaging boxes. In addition to this, consult with the designer or printer available to you. Contact them to make a unique design, shape of your packaging. Lastly, do not hesitate to use eco-friendly material to manufacture.