The Best Ways to Immigrate and Search Jobs in Canada from India in 2022

When we think of a destination that offers a financially stable economy, immigrant-friendly, proper housing with a wide-scope for job aspirants, we invariably think of Canada. The country of Canada today has a pretty big population of Indians who have migrated and are living the life they have dreamt.

Statistics tell us that Indians who have become permanent residents in Canada have doubled from 2016 to 2019. In 2021, it was noted, that Indians are a total of 1/3rd in the number of the new residents in Canada.

Canadian Residency

For Canadian Residency, there are times when it takes a very long period for an immigrant to become a permanent resident in Canada. However, listed below are four easy ways for permanent Canadian residence and you should choose the best immigration consultants in Delhi for this process.

Ways for an Indian to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence:

  • Express Entry

This process is for individuals who has at least one year of work experience. It is a very competitive test where the individuals will be ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System to provide the applicant’s point-based scores. The ones who are considered to be highly competitive will be considered in this process.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories has an immigration system. As each of the provinces has a different population and economy their immigration process is also different.

  • Family Sponsorships

If the candidate has a qualifying relative in Canada then they might be eligible for Family Class Sponsorship.

  • Study In Canada

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had revealed that Indians are choosing Canada for higher studies over the United States because Canada offers a lot of opportunities to work as a student while studying. After completing the Canadian credential one also become eligible for permanent residency.

The Canada Job Search Visa permits people in business, permanent workers, temporary workers, students, and others to work in Canada. Usually, the applicant needs to have a job offer in hand so that they can apply for the visa. The immigration consultants in India help the individuals for the Canada Job Search Visa. The best immigration consultant in India in 2022 is Nationwide Immigration Services Private Limited.