Sound Sleep is Crucial — Read about health risks due to poor sleep!

How many times you could not sleep during the night and realised immediately that the following day will be an unproductive waste?

Such is the power of a good sleep!

Now imagine if it continues for days, months or even years. What would you expect? Sleep is regarded as a period of healing for the body and if that is taken away from it, the body fails to revive itself of all the damages that it went through the day—mental, physical and emotional.

It is for this reason that a specific number of hours of sleep is recommended at different ages. This depends on how long your body will take to repair itself at different ages.

Here are a few known health risks due to poor sleep.

Health risks due to poor sleep

  1. It leads to a foggy brain

Imagine going about your daily chores with a foggy brain! Doesn’t it sound heavy already? Lack of sleep of can make you feel drowsy, it can dumb you down and it can slow your reaction time massively. All of these combined together can be really dangerous when doing daily odd jobs that need one to be agile and active such as driving on the road.

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  1. It is directly associated with serious health issues

Besides affecting one’s behaviour patterns, sleep deprivation over a long period of time is known to cause serious health issues such as Diabetes, blood pressure, stroke and other heart ailments. There are clear researches depicting that most of individuals who suffer from insomnia also suffer from one or the other health hazard.

  1. It lowers the libido

Lack of sleep or poor sleep is clearly responsible for a poor libido or sex drive. Whether it is men or women, if they are suffering from insomnia, they will have depleted energies, anxiety, and sleepiness all of which finally results in having a lower sex drive.

  1. It can lead to depression

If sleep disorders are not taken care of over a period of time, they can result in symptoms of depression. In some of the most startling statistics ever, it has been noticed that patients suffering from depression or anxiety either had the history of sleep disorders or they slept for less than six hours.

  1. It ages the skin

‘Beauty sleep’ was not coined in vain! There have been several researches to prove that having uncompromised, sound sleep can make one’s skin feel vibrant, youthful and rejuvenated. Just on the contrary, lack of sleep is known to age the skin much faster and make it look flabby.

The Final Word

By now, you must have understood that poor or less sleep is harmful for your health. So, look for ways to promote a sound sleep. Find mattress price in Pune and order one for yourself.