Author Topic: Is VPS better than shared hosting?  (Read 27 times)

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Is VPS better than shared hosting?
« on: IJune 11, 2019, %:52:53 AM »
Is VPS better than shared hosting?
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Re: Is VPS better than shared hosting?
« Reply #1 on: IJune 14, 2019, %:32:29 AM »
Yes, it is true. In the VPS, you can host multiple websites and in the shared hosting, you can host only one web site. According to me for this reason, the VPS server is the best compared in the shared hosting service. I would like to suggest you VPS Hosting server because it is literally safe compared to the Shared hosting plan. In shared hosting, your website will be stuck in an adult element. But, VPS server provides SSL seal around the website, hereby your website will be safe. It is the best Hosting. Shared hosting is cheap but it is not secure. If you want the location-wise server such as the USA, then in my knowledge, Onlive Server is the good USA VPS Server provider.
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