Author Topic: Is Linux more reliable than Windows?  (Read 22494 times)

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Is Linux more reliable than Windows?
« on: IJune 05, 2019, %:43:38 PM »
Is Linux more reliable than Windows?
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Re: Is Linux more reliable than Windows?
« Reply #1 on: IJune 11, 2019, %:35:43 AM »
I think this is based on services and your needs. According to my knowledge, I want to suggest to you that both Operating systems are reliable whether it is Linux or Windows. If you have a need for Linux then it is a reliable option for your website's work or if it wants to get Windows, then it will be reliable for your business website. In both conditions, you will get the best services according to me. Literally, I would like to recommend Onlive Server because this platform offers both Operating systems with the best & Cheap VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. My suggestion will always be that after considering the needs of your business, you should rely on these Operating systems. Linux is a good choice for small and medium type businesses and on the other side, Windows is the best for large-scale websites.

Thank You!!!
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