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Which is best dedicated server hosting provider in USA?


Is it possible that i can get best dedicated server hosting solution in USA at a low cost with all type of facilities and free technical support.


In USA many hosting companies are present now-a-days which provide dedicated server hosting services at a low cost with all type of facilities and free technical support. Apart from that Onlive Server offer Best Dedicated Server Hosting plans because here custom hardware is available so, you can deploy your server according to our needs. Before purchasing server hosting you should check these configurations- SSD/SATA Storage, 100Mbps - 25Gbps port, Performance, Latest Processors- Intel Xeon, AMD and Intel Core I series processors, and Good Ping time they provide application level technical support. We are providing all these facilities and also provide fully manage Servers and complete installation of CMS for various platform.

Selena Gomez:
In my opinion Onlive Server is the best dedicated server hosting Company in USA location. Onlive Server provides the best as well cheap Dedicated Server plans more than 35 countries. So, you can choose any Dedicated Server plan which is suitable for your online business website. Dedicated Server is the best for both large and small kind of business. Onlive Server gives best USA Dedicated Server with extra bandwidth, high security and many more. for more information you can check Onlive Server website.

Priyanka Singh:
Hey Guys,

As my point of view, if you want to buy cheap and best Dedicated Server Hosting plans in USA location than, I suggest you for Onlive Server Company. My Server Hosting experience is good with Onlive Server Services. That why I want to suggest you for this platform. That company has multiple Web Server Hosting Services for multi locations such as: USA, UK, Europe, India, Germany and other location. Best Dedicated Server Hosting providers are all time stable for you to give instant setup for your Plans.


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