How to Pack for Your Move

So, you must be wondering how to pack for a move without any unnecessary stress. We will tell you how to go through with all your items like packing, labelling, and cleaning. You can use our tips if you are packing for your move, whether it is your first move or your 20th move. You can settle into your new home in a stress-free and straightforward way.

Below are some tips that can make your packing easier:

Always declutter before your move

You must start going through your belongings at least ten days before your move. Start working through the rooms one by one. Call a dumpster rental company to get rid of items like massive tires, heavy pieces of furniture, and hazardous chemicals.

Arrange the rest of your belongings into different categories like trash, sell, and donate. You can sell those things that are of no use for you at a garage sale or online. Donate those items that are not in a selling condition but can be of use for someone, and trash the junk items. 

Identify every essential item

Identify all those items that you need to find easily at your new place. Load these items last as they will be the first things to get unloaded from a truck. By doing this, you can easily find your essential items when you arrive.

Designate those items you don’t want to pack

There are always some items that you don’t want to be packed or loaded into the truck. Some of these items are of great importance, like family photos, jewellery, or financial documents. Professional moving companies resist moving such things that are considered perishable or hazardous.

Assign an area in which you can place things that you want to keep with you. Tell everyone who is helping you to move, that not to pack or load stuff in that particular area. 

Know what items movers don’t take

There are several items that movers prohibit to consider, such as aerosol cans, ammunition, fertilizer, firearms, fire extinguishers, batteries, fuel, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, propane tanks, etc.

Start packing and don’t pack any air

Wrap every item carefully with extra layers of bubble wrap, clothes, and wrapping sheets. To avoid damage, place the items inside a box with extreme care. Place more massive things on the bottom and lighter items on the top, inside the boxes.

Place maximum items that can be placed inside the box to cut down the number of boxes you’ll need. Pack breakable and fragile items with extra care and attention, and use an extra layer of bubble wraps to pack such items. You can also place crushed papers and wadded newspapers to fill empty spaces of cartons and boxes.

Pack everything that belongs to a particular room

By doing this, you can make your unpacking more comfortable once you reach your new destination. Start the packing from a specific room at a time, and firstly pack the small items to get them out of the way. Carefully tape and mark each box to find everything when you unpack.

By doing this, you can also make it easier for the movers to take each labelled box and place it in its specified room.

Professional services like movers Gold Coast that can help you to pack and move your items easily.

Take apart every large item

It would help if you placed your all hardware in Ziploc bags, depending upon the contents and the room. Place all necessary bags in one box with proper tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, etc. You can quickly put everything back together when you settle into your new house. 

Make sure to place the box of tools and hardware in that place where everyone can find it. You can easily re-assemble your things by doing this. Please keep it in the small things like remote controls, video earplugs, boxes of nails, and those items that you want immediately after moving.

Clean every room one by one, Start with the kitchen

Throw away all the junk in the trash bin. Keep all loose things in the kitchen food storage containers. Label each box according to the contents, and securely tape or close them to avoid damage. Use accurately sized bags to place the items according to the size. 

You can also add a sticky note and place it inside every box, to make your unpacking easier. Place all your dishes with care, as they are the most breakable items and deserve special attention. Wrap each piece separately with an extra layer of packing paper. Stack the dishes in a vertical position, not in the horizontal position.

Place an extra layer of towels and cloths, and place it inside the box. Mark these boxes as fragile, so that the team of movers will handle the box with extra care while transporting.


In this article, we learned about how to pack for your move. The tips mentioned above will help you to pack and move your items without any unnecessary stress.