How to Learn to Play Guitar With Long Nails

Get some information about playing with long nails, and they’ll most likely react with stories about poor sound and more terrible technique. Numerous players even see playing with long nails as impossible out and out. And keeping in mind that it’s valid that long nails might be difficult to play with in certain styles, the fact of the matter is definitely more nuanced than a simple “no chance.”

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to play guitar with long nails, you’ll have to investigate your favored sorts and individual playing style. Regardless of whether you can keep your nails and still play will to a great extent rely upon your own taste.

How to Learn to Play Guitar With Long Nails

There are solid measures, be that as it may, that you can take to make playing guitar with long nails easier. This article separates styles of guitar playing that better suit long nails and afterward offers a couple of simple tips to assist you with preserving your nails while still progressing on the instrument.

First off, be that as it may, it’s useful to discuss the impacts of long nails on your playing style — and clarify when nails abandon a benefit for certain styles to a detriment in every one of them.

To what extent Are Long Nails?

Different individuals have different definitions of the expression “long nails,” and the guitar community is no exception. Most guitar players respect any nail that stretches out over the edge of your finger cushion as a long nail; by far most of guitarists keep their nails well shy of that edge.

For the most part, any nail hovering around the length of your finger cushion won’t be a significant issue in your playing. Letting your nails become unchecked until this point can be a minor inconvenience, however the length of your nails shouldn’t seriously hamstring you until they get any longer.

Enriched and artificial nails, in any case, are a different story. Not many players have nails that stretch out past the length of their fingers. Dolly Parton is possibly the main guitarist in history that consistently plays while wearing acrylic nail extensions.

When all is said in done, any fingernail that is longer than the genuine tissue on your finger will be considered a “long nail” for playing guitar. While it’s not impossible to play with these, you may need to roll out serious improvements to your playing style or just keep the long nails on one hand.

To all the more likely see how you can function around long nails when playing guitar, how about we investigate the impacts of long nails for guitar players.

Impacts of Long Nails

The impacts of long nails change as your nails themselves develop and may shift if your nails are acrylic instead of characteristic. Be that as it may, a couple of results are quite consistent over all varieties of long nails.

Fretting notes with your nails is incredibly difficult — the nail simply needs more surface zone or solidarity to apply the fundamental weight on the string. Actually, pressing a note down to the fretboard with your nail can harm your hands and wrist.

This impact applies for single notes just as bigger harmony structures. The one exception is barre techniques, which utilize the meaty underside of your finger to press over multiple strings without a moment’s delay. Soloing, in any case, is essentially not feasible if you have long nails on your fretting hand.

Long nails can be a benefit when appropriately maintained on your picking hand, be that as it may. Striking a string with both the nail and substance can make an engaged, smooth tone on an acoustic guitar that is difficult to replicate with shorter nails. Numerous classical guitarists, banjo players, and hybrid pickers, for instance, safeguard their nails at a longer length to help them fingerpick appropriately.

The nails on your picking hand can still reason more awful side impacts, however. Incredibly long nails are inclined to snagging or catching on strings as you move your hand across them — disregard picking with acrylic nails!

Similarly, it might be difficult to hold a level pick sufficiently close to the strings with longer nails. The closer you hold it, the more you risk brushing your nails against the strings and creating an undesirable sound.

Shockingly, your nails simply don’t provide enough stability to get a handle on a traditional level pick all alone. The pick will slip out from between your nails when you begin playing. In progressively present day music where electric guitars and level picks reign preeminent, most players keep their nails short on their picking hand also.

The most effective method to Play Guitar with Long Nails

Before discussing strategies to play guitar with long nails, you’ll have to determine whether you’re willing to leave behind long nails on your fretting hand (for right-gave players, this is your left hand). If you are, at that point that is incredible!

You can maintain your picking hand nails longer and play styles of music that emphasize fingerstyle guitar or hybrid picking, like classical and blue grass music.

If you should keep your nails on your left hand long, your guitar progress will be seriously limited. There’s simply no real way to worry notes with your nails instead of with the tips of your fingers. You can, nonetheless, figure out how to strum some simpler melodies by following Dolly Parton’s technique.

Parton, an incredible blue grass music singer and guitar player, broadly wants to wear showy acrylic nails. To play guitar with them, she relies exclusively on barre harmonies that she can play without bringing her nail onto the fretboard.

Parton utilizes open tunings, particularly open E, to achieve this style. “Open” tunings are configured with the goal that the strings will sound out a significant harmony when the entire guitar is strummed open (consequently the name). With these tunings, Parton can simply barre one finger level over the entirety of the worries to strum a significant harmony.

This style obviously limits her from playing any more harmonically interesting harmonies and demonstrates difficult for minor harmonies. If you’re committed to your nails on your fretting hand, notwithstanding, this is the main genuine path for you to continue playing guitar.

If you’re glad to cut your nails on one hand, it’s possible to maintain medium-to-long nails on your picking hand and figure out how to play fingerstyle guitar. For the best outcomes, you should practice striking the strings at a 45-degree point with your finger. That will incorporate a bit of your nail and fragile living creature and produces a warm yet distinct sound with a lot of projection.

Classical guitar and blue grass music are two styles that are particularly friendly to players with long nails; numerous nation guitarists utilize a thumb pick and play fingerstyle with their different fingers. You may likewise have the option to play jazz; Wes Montgomery broadly played the entirety of his lightning-quick licks with just his thumb.


In spite of the fact that it takes a ton of work to ace these techniques, it is possible to play perplexing, professional-level guitar with long nails on your picking hand. Maintaining nails on your fretting hand is an a lot taller undertaking — however if you simply need to strum a couple of significant harmonies to go with your singing, you can pull off keeping them around.

Sadly, it’s unrealistic to play most styles of music on guitar (or any stringed instrument) with long nails on your fretting hand. Ultimately, it boils down to a choice between the guitar and the nails. And keeping in mind that long nails can be a distinctive fashion proclamation, in by far most of cases, a guitar around your neck will look far cooler than long nails ever could.

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