Grow Your Business in the World with VPS Cloud Server via Onlive Server

What is meant by VPS Cloud Server?

The term “VPS cloud server” simply refers to a Virtual Private Server hosting service. Which is a server that runs on a virtual machine within your own computer. As opposed to a dedicated physical server. There are many benefits that come with VPS cloud servers, including the fact that you can have unlimited users on your server at one time and they will be given access to an internet connection, including VPN and SSH. Cloud server solutions can only be used with Linux operating systems.

This is why VPS cloud is one of the best servers you can ever get. But it’s not the most common. If you are looking for it, you are absolutely sure to get it. There are so many advantages over Virtual Private Servers that you need to have them. It is a fully managed service and you will not have to worry about your server. As much as you wouldn’t with a local server.

VPS cloud server is a dedicated server at a much cheaper price. It works in the cloud, which means that it has the hardware. And software to run on the same hardware as your hard drive. VPS server allows you to host your own websites, software, and other services.

How to Choose the Best VPS Cloud Server

When it comes to choosing the best VPS cloud server, there are certain factors that you should consider. The first thing is a reputable provider. This is because you don’t want to get your account hacked or otherwise have any technical issues with your service. You also need to make sure that their prices are reasonable for what they offer. And the quality of service provided by them. The next step is to identify what your needs are and how much money you want to spend. This can be quite a difficult process so we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve prepared a post that contains a list of all our servers. And which one you should choose depending on your needs. In case you are not sure what you need to run, please check our beginner’s guide.

VPS cloud server is a common way to store and manage computer resources for customers. Because it is a service, it can provide high performance, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness of the data center. VPS cloud server can be used to store data, serve as a server to connect a variety of information systems, and generally provides a platform for multiple types of applications.

The next factor would be the number of resources available on the server so you can have peace of mind knowing that your business will not run into performance issues when the time comes to its use by users.

Why clients should opt for VPS cloud Server for their business?

Here are some reasons why you should opt for VPS Cloud Server:

a) You get significant savings compared to dedicated servers- On average; dedicated servers cost as much as $100 – $200/month for a service package with dedicated space for hosting websites up to 10 websites. A VPS Cloud Server costs just $2 – $3/month per month which allows you to host 50-150 websites with ease.

b) You can scale easily- Once you’ve purchased an Onlive server, you can add new servers whenever needed with ease and without any downtime.

c) Security features are available- The security features provided by the Onlive servers such as anti-virus software, password protection, and remote access security allow you to prevent unauthorized access to your data from third parties and from hackers.

d) You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs- All the services provided by Onlive are provided at no additional cost which makes it easy for businesses. Who doesn’t have much money to invest in maintaining their website but also wants to keep their website safe from hackers?

e) You get unlimited bandwidth in bandwidth-constrained environments- In addition; all Onlive servers come with unlimited bandwidth which ensures that there are no limitations on how much data a customer can transfer through its servers.

Virtual Private Server cloud-based Uses

Onlive Server is the leading provider of VPS Cloud Server Plans. Our cloud-based services are a one-click solution for hosting your website, application, or other online resources.

Our pricing is based on a 1TB of space per month, with discounts for greater storage requirements. However, we do offer a 10GB per month plan at no extra cost which allows you to store more files and transfer more data over the Internet.

With Onlive Server plans, you can enjoy both – instant availability and real-time performance. Your customers will never have to wait for their server to be up and running; they will be able to access your server immediately via their web browser – even if they are away from home or work – in a fraction of the time it takes to configure your server from scratch. This saves time that would otherwise be spent on downtime waiting for your server to power up and handles incoming traffic when only an hour or two will pass before its first customer arrives.

Onlive Server’s Cheap Dedicated Server is a unique and reliable hosting that provides the best service to its customers. It is the only cheap dedicated server provider that can offer you the best web hosting services.


VPS Cloud Server is a kind of server that is used to run multiple applications at the same time. It runs in a virtual environment and uses advanced hardware architecture, high-performance processors, large amounts of RAM, and hard disk space. The main function of the VPS Server is to provide high-performance servers for various users on a daily basis.