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A Cheap Windows VPS. Is it Worth it?

Since 2006, Onlive Server offers our clients to install Windows VPS services. In current years, we’ve delivered the cloud-based, entirely SSD-powered (Cheap Windows VPS) cloud VPS servers. We are Giving our clients a scalable internet hosting answer for their websites. At Onlive Server, we solely use the ultra-modern Xeon E5 processors. We commit reminiscence (RAM) and CPU sources to every customer. We do now not use resource-sharing methods.

Resource sharing is the keyword here. Recently, we have performed some lookup and regarded up Cheap Windows VPS services. We signed up for a few low-priced Windows VPS web hosting carriers out there. We then ran a collection of benchmarks in their Windows digital servers. Customers had been no longer amazed to see how low the overall performance outcomes were.

Why such terrible overall performance results? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, the majority of VPS web hosting companies use a less expensive infrastructure. And secondly, they put too many customers per server, all sharing server’s restricted resources. As our customer, you will solely pay a few greenbacks extra for a Windows digital server. When in contrast with many of the low-cost opponents out there. However, you will get higher speed, larger performance, and a whole lot extra fee for your money.


Ready for a Cheap Windows VPS? A digital non-public server is a blissful center floor between mass-market shared servers and high-priced devoted servers.

More specifically, a Windows VPS offers ASP and C programmers greater computing energy except for the pressures of walking and overseeing a committed server.

Most VPS providers, however, solely provide Linux-based plans. You’d commonly have to do some more digging to discover Windows programs to host your Onlive Server application. But, we’ve gathered a listing of our preferred hosts for the service. These companies will assist you to scale your site visitors except breaking the bank.

Best Values in Windows VPS Hosting

Instead of simply highlighting the bargain-basement fees some hosts offer, we choose to stability value with attributes such as performance, CPU cores, bandwidth, reliability, security, and purchaser support, amongst different factors.

Our pinnacle pointers are geared to assist you to get the most bang for your internet hosting buck — which means your internet site or utility has the first-rate hazard of attractiveness to your end-users.

We’ve discovered various esteemed web hosting vendors that tout Cheap Windows VPS web hosting plans with a load of superb features. See our pinnacle options below:

Cheapest Windows VPS Overall

Fancy point’s aside, we sincerely do apprehend the want to stick to a budget. Unlike shared internet hosting plans, VPS applications usually ask clients to pay per month primarily based on genuine computing assets used. While shared internet hosting clients can keep cash via paying in enhance for 12 months of services, VPS clients can occasionally have a challenging time grasping how fluctuating month-to-month fees will shape their economic plans.

Even though being particular “the cheapest” of something may connote old-fashioned infrastructure or a subpar VPS internet hosting service, we wouldn’t dare lead you astray. Several hosts begin their Cheap Window VPS package deal choices very small to make certain clients are solely paying for the sources wished to energy their internet site or application. As site visitors scales, clients can add extra assets and custom-made configurations.

However, Onlive Server stays the king of VPS affordability with the aid of supplying top-notch hardware for a hard-to-believe $7.99 every month.

Cheapest Managed Virtual Server for Windows

Upgrading from a shared internet hosting layout to an unmanaged VPS can come with multiplied technical responsibilities.

Custom hardware and software program configurations suggest specialized administration tactics to make positive the entirety is strolling easily and securely. For these clients who lack the journey or time for Cheap Window VPS server administration, various hosts provide managed VPS offerings and skilled technical assist for time-consuming server upkeep tasks, ranging from the mundane to the complex.

Free SSDs – Onlive Server

Whether it’s for your laptop computer or your Windows digital non-public server, solid-state difficult drives are a must-have piece of hardware to me. Once you trip the introduced velocity and steadiness of SSDs, which have no shifting components and function a whole lot quicker than normal hard-disk drives, you won’t desire to flip back.

The overall performance raise from SSDs generally comes with a barely greater rate tag in view that the more recent storage gadgets are extra highly-priced and usually have smaller capacities. But a premier host like Onlive Server provides even extra cost to its Cheap Windows VPS web hosting sketch with the aid of which includes bonus facets such as 99.99999% uptime, antivirus scanning, proprietary protection tools, and DDoS protection. Get Best Cloud VPS Hosting by Onlive Server.