Decorate Your Donuts With Printed Donut Boxes

Donut boxes are no longer just one-use products that are meant to be consumed with any flavor. They have now been converted into display cases, accessories, and everything in between.

One way to enjoy those fabulous photo opportunities with the soft shell donut box is to get printed cassettes. This will create the perfect atmosphere for a happy occasion or a casual date.

In the art class, where the students are constantly requesting for more paper, how about coloring it? Make this simple craftwork for the classroom display! Colorful colored pencils could then be used on a sheet of the floral paper.

You could also design the proper decals by printing designs from your own home. Cut out designs such as, “the star,” “the sun,” and “the moon.” Make a pattern of it by using an illustration frame, make a drawing of it, and print it out.

There is no other good way to decorate a room than painting it using images from your home. This will look elegant but don’t forget to have fun!

Corporate displays are another popular theme to use printed out boxes to decorate. Tuck these into a corner or several side pockets of each of the companies’ favorite accessories.

Try using Portable make-shift displays for a unique touch. Let them serve as storage for bookmarks, pencils, pens, paper clips, and more.

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