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Introducing the New Cheap Netherlands VPS Server Hosting Services

Topmost server hosting services are usually the most expensive ones and cannot be quickly received. But, Onlive has brought its users the opportunity to have a server hosting at the cheapest and affordable rates. Onlive has always supported and helped to progress the small-scale businesses by allowing them to use the most reliable and cheap […]

We are Top hosting service providers for Linux Web Hosting
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We are Top hosting service providers for Linux

Linux Web Hosting: Onlive Infotech comes with three Linux Web Hosting plans for you to choose. The beginner package, appropriately named ‘Lite’ has the starting price of $ 2 per month. Lite is designed to run on a server with 0.5 GB of memory and 1×1.2 GHz processor. This package provides you with one website […]

The truth about unmanaged Linux and Windows based VPS hosting
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The Truth About Unmanaged Linux and Windows Based VPS Hosting

Linux and Windows VPS Hosting: Unmanaged Linux and Windows VPS Hosting (also known as self-managed VPS Hasting) are servers that do not contain server configurations, patches, updates, and all other related server management functions after installation. I will describe the pros and cons of both and show why I think Linux and Windows VPS Hosting […]


The difference between Comcast and Xfinity

Consumers have probably heard of both Comcast and Xfinity, especially if they visit their site frequently. They may have also seen confusing branding statements and branding like ‘Xfinity by Comcast’ or ‘Comcast Xfinity.’ Both these names have been used interchangeably. Why? Let’s find out. Are both Comcast and Xfinity the same? In their foundations, both […]

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More Efficient Best VPS Linux Hosting for Better Enhancement – Onlive Server

Best VPS Linux Hosting For many businesses, VPS server hosting provides a good role in managing modern Business Web portals effectively. By utilizing the Windows and Linux based VPS hosting Server, certain things have been administered to form the use of small and medium-sized companies. This is suitable for considering the simplest class results which […]

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How does a Cheap Web Hosting help to bring success to a company?

Cheap Web Hosting If you want to be successful in business, Cheap Web Hosting is the easiest way to achieve that. It is a high-performance web hosting, and not only that is the most reliable thing to do with the business website. People who have just started their business; some of them are not at […]